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KINETIQQ® Boost (7 Liters) - ActivRecovery™ Oxygen Can For Recovery And Performance

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The maker of the KINETIQQ® Patch introduces the new KINETIQQ® Boost - The ActivRecovery™ Oxygen Can to boost Recovery and Performance.

⚡️ Each can contains 7 Liters of 95% oxygen
⚡️ Good for at least 100 pumps of oxygen
⚡️ With a refreshing and mild mint scent

The KINETIQQ® Boost is best for:
✅ Reducing Shortness Of Breath
✅ Improving Endurance
✅ Better Focus And Performance
Research has shown that increasing oxygen levels in the body have a significant impact on performance. 
Supplemental oxygen improved endurance exercise performance in healthy individuals
- Mundel and Jones, Study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine
inhaled oxygen improved repeated sprint performance in athletes
- Siegler, Midgley, and Polman, Study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning. 


- Remove the mask cover
- Plug the mask in the nozzle
- Put over nose and mouth
- Press nozzle and breathe

REMINDER: The can is very light. Oxygen is near weightless. 

EXPIRATION DATE: June 2025 (Oxygen has no expiry but the aluminum can is required to have an expiry date to maintain quality)




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