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KINETIQQ® Bestsellers Bundle (6 Patches + Wax + Spray + Boost)

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Experience The Bestsellers Of Recovery


  • KINETIQQ® Patch - The first ever Magnesium pain relief gel patch designed to relieve pain fast, recover performance, and prepare the body to move.
  • KINETIQQ® Spray - Our Magnesium Oil Spray designed for daily recovery of muscles and joints. 
  • KINETIQQ® Boost - Our Supplemental Oxygen Can for improving endurance and recovery during activity.
  • KINETIQQ® Wax - Our Sweat-Activated Magnesium Wax for use during activity to reduce muscle fatigue and boost blood circulation.
What's inside the bundle:
  • KINETIQQ® Wax (50g) ActivRecovery Magnesium Wax
  • KINETIQQ® Spray (100ml) ActivRecovery Magnesium Wax
  • KINETIQQ® Boost Oxygen Can (7 liters, 100 pumps) ActivRecovery Oxygen
  • KINETIQQ® Patch (6 patches) ActivRecovery Magnesium Gel Patch

How to use the products:
  • Before activity, put the Patch on your muscles and leave overnight.
  • On the day of the activity,
    • Use the Spray to warm up the muscles.
    • Put generous amount of the Wax on the muscles right before activity.
    • If possible, re-apply the Wax during the activity to help reduce muscle fatigue.
    • To improve endurance, use the Boost supplemental oxygen during intense activity to improve cardio recovery time.
  • After activity,
    • Use the Spray to help muscles recover faster.
    • For intense recovery, use the Patch overnight on affected muscles.



• Patch - February 2026
• Spray - November 2025
• Boost Oxygen  - June 2025

• Wax - June 2025




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